LUCID Packaging Register

System data reporting

Section 20 VerpackG requires systems to electronically report the packaging participated with them on a quarterly basis (as a 'planned volume' in advance) and in the following year (as an 'actual volume') to the ZSVR.

When reporting the volumes, the systems must indicate type and mass of the participated packaging per producer providing the corresponding registration number. The data must be confirmed by a system auditor.

It is on this basis that the ZSVR calculates the systems' market share, which is then used to allocate both the costs of collection and the packaging volumes to the individual system operators, applying a concept for market share calculation that was developed in agreement with the German Federal Cartel Office. This concept also takes into account the system auditors' guidelines according to which the numbers reported to the ZSVR by the system operators are certified. This is a major step forward compared to the method employed under the Verpackungsverordnung (Packaging Ordinance): the standards for data reporting and audit will now be established on a statutory basis.

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