LUCID Packaging Register

Using the XML interface

The LUCID Packaging Register allows for data exchange via an XML interface, which can be used for the following:


Submitting data reports

Data reports (by the producers) under section 10 VerpackG (Packaging Act) may be filed manually or by uploading an XML file. If you are provided with an XML-file, please log in to the LUCID Packaging Register, select the 'Data reporting' tile and upload the file via the 'XML report' tile.The uploaded file must be a valid XML file with the correct schema. 

The following guidelines illustrate the XML interface as well as the creation of an XML file (.xml) and the verification of a file with the XML schema (.xsd).

For information about how to create and validate your files, please contact your IT support.

Entering and maintaining brand names

The statutory registration requirement (for producers) includes listing the brand names that you place on the German market. You may enter the brand names manually or upload them as an XML file in the LUCID Packaging Register. This is worthwhile for all companies that distribute a larger number of brands or that can export brand names from a merchandise management system as an XML file.

The following guidelines are available here to provide support:

Automatic data reconciliation

If your product range includes other companies' brands, you must ensure that the obligations under the Verpackungsgesetz are met for those brands as well. Using the producer's VAT ID or taxpayer reference number provided during registration, the registration status (yes/no) can be queried.

In order to use automatic data reconciliation, please set up a login for automatic data reconciliation in the LUCID Packaging Register. To do so, a valid XML file with a correct schema must be created and uploaded. After a successful upload, the enquiring party may download an XML file containing information about whether a producer with that particular taxpayer reference number or VAT ID is registered in the LUCID Packaging Register ('yes' or 'no').

The respective guideline can be found here: