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Information concerning imports: Who is the initial distributor and…  
… design. More information about the ZSVR and its…  
ZSVR publishes 2021 edition of the 'system participation requirement catalogue' administrative regulation  
An updated and enhanced version of the system participation requirement catalogue was published on our website on 7 October 2021.  
… tonnes due to incorrect information in a facility…  
Transparency provided by the LUCID Packaging Register proving effective at all levels  
… years, extensive data and information is now available on…  
… group. It contains information on nominal quantities,…  
System participation requirement catalogue: determining packaging obligations at a glance  
In Germany, producer responsibility for packaging was introduced in 1993. However, many producers have long been failing to comply with this responsibility, either completely or in part. One major  
System participation and data reporting  
… operators overview These information pages could also be…  
Statutory amendments enter into force, fostering transparency and fairness  
No one can shirk from their responsibilities any longer: on 1 July 2022, amendments to the Verpackungsgesetz (Packaging Act) entered into force that include various changes for initial distributors  
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