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Throughout Europe, the producer of a product also takes producer responsibility for the packaging – in terms of preventing packaging waste in the first place, but also in terms of optimising reuse and recovery of what cannot be prevented. For Germany, implementation of this responsibility is assured by the Verpackungsgesetz (Packaging Act). This is where the Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister (Central Agency Packaging Register – ZSVR) assumes the task of registering those bearing producer responsibility, making them public, and fostering transparency and legal certainty through its other activities (e.g. data reporting). The ZSVR also monitors further ecological objectives, such as compliance with recycling quotas and the financial support to promote more sustainable packaging.


Information & Orientation

All information regarding the Verpackungsgesetz, registration and other obligations

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Statutory amendments enter into force, fostering transparency and fairness

No one can shirk from their responsibilities any longer: on 1 July 2022, amendments to the Verpackungsgesetz (Packaging Act) entered into force that include various changes for initial distributors of packaging. These amendments mark a giant step…

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LUCID Packaging Register

All information regarding registration, data reporting and public registers 

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Compliance made easy: registration and system participation

Our explanatory films and checklists will show you what you need to do to comply with your packaging law obligations, step by step. For key information about how to register in the LUCID Packaging Register, how to change your registration, and how…

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Foundation & Authority

All information about the foundation, the governing bodies, the standards, guidelines and consultation procedure

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ZSVR publishes new minimum standard – why fibre-based packaging and product residues are problematic for recycling

When is packaging recyclable – and when not? The minimum standard has answers. The 2022 edition of the minimum standard for determining the recyclability of packaging (section 21 (3) Verpackungsgesetz (Packaging Act)) was published on 31 August…

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Recent updates

ZSVR recognised as federal authority – question of legal venue clarified

The German Federal Administrative Court has clarified the question of legal venue for actions to challenge administrative acts issued by the Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister (Central Agency Packaging Register – ZSVR), sending an important signal…

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Knowledge base

Here you can find relevant information about key questions, all in one place.

Want to know more about the Verpackungsgesetz in general?
For example, why the Act exists in the first place?

Looking for information about the amended version of the Verpackungsgesetz? Here you can find out about the amendments and when they enter into force.

Do you want to check what the obligations in the Verpackungsgesetz are and whether they apply to you?

You know that you are under obligation pursuant to the Verpackungsgesetz and want to know what you have to do?

Do you have questions about how to use the LUCID Packaging Register? Want to register or submit a data report? Got an IT-related question?

Since 3 July 2021, international producers without a branch within Germany can appoint an authorised representative.

Are you an auditor who needs information about audit guidelines or your registration?

Are you a mail order company or online retailer operating commercially and want to know more about your obligations?

Are you an importer and want to know more about your obligations under the Verpackungsgesetz?

Want to know more about recycling-friendly packaging design and the ZSVR's minimum standard?

Explanatory films

Access explanatory films about various topics.

Find out step by step how first-time registration with the LUCID Packaging Register works.

Have you already registered and also place packaging not subject to system participation on the German market? Here we explain how you can amend your existing registration.

On 1 July 2022, the amended version of the Verpackungsgesetz (Packaging Act) will enter into force. Here you can find everything you need to know about the amendments.

The system participation requirement catalogue helps you figure out whether the system participation requirement applies to your packaging.

Watch this short film to learn more about packaging types and how to add them to your registration.

The Sander family has been shopping: goals and duties of the Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister (Central Agency Packaging Register – ZSVR) at a glance.

Learn what service packaging is, who places it on the German market and how to fulfil your obligations under the Verpackungsgesetz.

Electronic marketplaces are required to check if the retailers using their platforms to sell goods have registered with the LUCID Packaging Register.