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Search tips

Here are a few tips to make searching the catalogue database easier:


1. Entering search terms in the 'product search' field:

Entering your search term is supported by autocomplete. The product groups and products related to your search will be displayed as results. If you do not find a search term (cf. also no. 2):

  • Please check the spelling of the search term you have entered.
  • Do a new search for an alternative or more general search term.
  • Use, if appropriate, fewer terms and do not combine search terms with the operator 'and'.
  • Search for single product group and not multiple product groups.
  • In very rare cases, other search results than the ones you were looking for may be returned when using umlauts. As such, please use ä, ö and ü in exactly that form and do not use ae, oe or ue.


2. The message 'unfortunately no results were found for your search for...'

The catalogue contains examples, and not an exhaustive list of all of the packaging that is subject to system participation. That is why in some circumstances you may not find the product group you entered or the product you searched for. If a specific article of packaging is not listed in the catalogue, it does not mean that that packaging is not subject to system participation. You need to investigate the matter further. Please refer to the catalogue guideline to do so.

It can be helpful to use classification decisions that the ZSVR has issued to help with your investigation because these officially issued administrative acts have what is known as general application. That means that these decisions can be used as a basis to draw analogies for similar articles of packaging. The classification decisions that have been published to date can be found here.


Using the catalogue in general

For details on how to use the catalogue, please refer to the catalogue guideline.


The system for displaying search result content

After entering your search term, selecting a product group to display and confirming your selection with the 'enter' button, all of the information about your search selection is displayed:

  • “Definitionsblatt” (Definition sheet) with reasons for the system participation requirement, or for the exclusion from the system participation requirement, of the relevant packaging; the definition sheet also includes determinations that have been made. The product group and the products that fall within it are described here and reasons for the determination are explained.
  • “Kurzübersicht” (Brief summary) of the key information about the determination – or not– of the system participation requirement for packaging in that particular group.
  • “Übersicht Systembeteiligungspflicht im Detail” (Detailed system participation requirement overview) listing the packaging and its different features. The search can be further refined using a filter with the criteria 'packaging material', shape/form of packaging material and the quantities used. The button 'clear filter' can be used to re-set the search criteria selected. The total number of pages for your search results can be found under the table and each can be clicked on.

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