Information & Orientation

1. Checklist – Do the obligations apply to me?

Use this checklist to find out whether the obligations in the Verpackungsgesetz (Packaging Act) apply to you.

2. Checklist – The obligations apply to me: What do I have to know before registering?

Are you affected by the obligations in the Verpackungsgesetz, and you want to register with the LUCID Packaging Register? Here you can find the most important information about what you should know before registration at a glance.

3. Checklist – What happens after registration?

You have registered with the LUCID Packaging Register. Here we explain your other duties and what you have to do next.

4. Checklist – Registration for auditors

Here you can find information about how to register as an auditor, what to keep in mind and some additional essential facts.

5. Checklist – Authorising a representative

Are you an international online retailer or importer or do you run another type of company that delivers packaged goods to Germany? Then the German Verpackungsgesetz (Packaging Act) applies to you. To fulfil the obligations that come with it, you can appoint an authorised representative. Here you can find more information.

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