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The Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister (Central Agency Packaging Register – ZSVR) operates a support hotline to help LUCID Packaging Register users with IT-related questions free of charge. Apart from specific IT-related questions that arise during the use of the LUCID Packaging Register, ZSVR’s support hotline also answers questions on the registration process.

To make it easier for producers / initial distributors to comply with the statutory requirements connected to registration, and to better understand the forms they need to fill in – and ultimately duly register – the LUCID Packaging Register also contains explanatory, informational and help texts

Further information can also be found on our website:

Our aim is to support users in the best way possible as they navigate the LUCID Packaging Register. You may also turn to our support hotline, on which we will be happy to assist you in completing your registration process.

Our support hotline can help you if

  • you are a producer / initial distributor of packaging subject to system participation and need help with the registration process, or if
  • you are a party under obligation pursuant to the Verpackungsgesetz and encounter IT-related issues with the LUCID Packaging Register.

Our support hotline cannot help you with

  • legal information,
  • submitting applications pursuant to the Verpackungsgesetz that result in an administrative act (e. g. classification of packaging as subject to system participation),
  • enquiries that go beyond the responsibilities of the ZSVR, e.g. questions regarding waste management in practice or system participation.

Contact details of our support hotline:

Telephone: +49 541 34310555



Weekdays from 9:00 to 17:00 CET
Languages: German, English

For the following questions, please do not contact our support hotline, but rather send an e-mail to the ZSVR:

  • Legal questions on the duties and obligations under the Verpackungsgesetz
  • Questions that relate to your company specifically

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