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Instructions for auditors: registration, guidelines, signatures

From declarations of completeness to systems’ volume flow records and sector-specific solutions, the Verpackungsgesetz (Packaging Act) requires that auditors and experts be involved at various stages to audit, confirm or certify the packaging volumes reported by companies.

Registering as an auditor

Are you an expert, auditor, tax adviser, registered sworn accountant or similar professional who would like to conduct audits under the Verpackungsgesetz? Then you need to register in the ZSVR’s register of auditors.

  • Please consult this checklist for information about how to register as an auditor and learn more about audit activities.
  • Click here to register with the register of auditors.

ZSVR audit guidelines

Auditors are required to follow the ZSVR’s guidelines when conducting audits. These guidelines serve to ensure consistency and comparability in practical and qualitative terms. The guidelines are published by the ZSVR in agreement with the German Federal Cartel Office.

Declaration of completeness technical guidelines

In these guidelines, you will learn how to properly file a declaration of completeness.


Qualified electronic signature (QES)

Some documents that you are required to file in the LUCID Packaging Register need to bear a qualified electronic signature (QES). Click here to learn more.