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Registration in the LUCID Packaging Register

No matter the type of packaging – if you place goods on the German market, you must register with the LUCID Packaging Register. Information about registration can be found here.

What information do you have to file during registration?

  • Registration: start the process as a producer.
  • Master data: including your company’s general information such as address, telephone number, VAT number and taxpayer reference number.
  • Packaging types: with a general distinction between two categories – packaging that is subject to system participation and packaging that is not subject to system participation. Here you can find out which packaging falls into which category.
  • Brand names: all brand names you use when placing packaging on the German market on a commercial basis for the first time. If you distribute your goods in packaging without a brand name, enter your company name.

Guidance on registering with the LUCID Packaging Register

Please note: If you are placing retail, group and/or shipment packaging on the German market together with your goods (packaging subject to system participation), you must not only register with the LUCID Packaging Register, but also pay for that packaging's recycling. Here you can find out how you can participate your packaging with a system.

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