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Extended registration requirement for initial distributors of all packaging types

An extended registration requirement entered into force on 1 July 2022. All companies that place packaging filled with goods on the German market must register with the LUCID Packaging Register and provide information about the different packaging types used and their brand names. From 1 July onwards, the registration requirement will also apply to packaging not subject to system participation. This includes packaging pursuant to section 15 (1) VerpackG (Packaging Act), such as

  • single-use beverage packaging subject to deposit pursuant to section 31 VerpackG;
  • retail and grouped packaging that does not typically accumulate as waste with private final consumers;
  • retail packaging for hazardous contents;
  • transport packaging;
  • retail and grouped packaging for which system participation is excluded due to system incompatibility pursuant to section 7 (5) and
  • reusable packaging.

For an overview of delineating between packaging subject to system participation and packaging not subject to system participation, please click here.

The requirement for reporting packaging volumes to the selected system(s) and the LUCID Packaging Register continues to apply only to packaging subject to system participation.


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