Don't miss the deadline! Companies must submit their 2022 declarations of completeness by 15 May 2023


Time is running out: companies only have until 15 May 2023 to file an audited declaration of completeness with the ZSVR for the previous year.

The obligation to file a declaration of completeness applies to companies whose volumes of packaging subject to system participation reached or exceeded at least one of the following thresholds during the previous year:

  • Glass: 80,000 kg
  • Paper, paperboard, cardboard ('PPC'): 50,000 kg
  • Ferrous metals, aluminium, plastics, beverage cartons, other composites (lightweight packaging): 30,000 kg

Companies under obligation file their packaging volumes and materials in the LUCID Packaging Register by filing a declaration of completeness. This is how they indicate whether they have duly participated their packaging with a system. 

Further information about filing declarations of completeness can be found here