Gunda Rachut re-elected as Chair of the ZSVR


Gunda Rachut will remain at the helm of the Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister (Central Agency Packaging Register – ZSVR) for another five years, after the ZSVR's Board of Trustees unanimously voted to extend her contract until 2028 in its most recent meeting. An internationally renowned institution with a digital set-up: lawyer Gunda Rachut led the ZSVR to build and advance the public LUCID Packaging Register within a very short space of time, all while ensuring its compliance with changing statutory requirements. Around 710,000 producers from all over the world have registered so far.

Automated, agile and award-winning: The ZSVR is a strong team whose digital methods and tools pave the way for success. With fully automated analyses, big data has a big impact. Millions of data sets are triangulated and evaluated to identify free riders in recycling. The ZSVR is not merely standing on the sidelines, it is in the middle of the action, liaising with all players across various channels in a way that will help each target group understand the compliance requirements applicable to them – from international marketplaces to large corporations and micro-enterprises. The ZSVR wants to be where the companies under obligation are.

The ZSVR is a young institution, but is already highly distinguished – despite its tight budget and small team. From its digital set-up to its IT security concept and the structure of CLAIR (a data-centred analysis platform), from its communications surrounding the most recent amendments to the Verpackungsgesetz (Packaging Act) to its English translations, the ZSVR has taken top spots in prestigious awards. These accolades confirm that the ZSVR is on the right track. 

Good work done, more to come: Gunda Rachut's re-election is a mandate to hold this successful course. "The ZSVR has established an impressive track record under Gunda Rachut's leadership. We, the Board of Trustees, are very happy that we will be able to continue to rely on her skills and expertise in the coming years. Gunda Rachut and her team have made the ZSVR and the LUCID Packaging Register a forerunner in Europe. Her re-election is at once a symbol of stability and a guarantee for progress", says Astrid Teckentrup, Chair of the ZSVR's Board of Trustees and Managing Director of Procter & Gamble in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

About Gunda Rachut: Following her studies in law in Germany and France, Osnabrück-born Gunda Rachut co-founded cyclos GmbH, a provider of expert consulting for environmental, waste and packaging management. The German Environment Agency engaged her as a co-author of studies about the evolution of packaging waste management and in 2011 as a co-author of two basic studies as part of the simulation exercise for the Recyclable Materials Act envisaged at that time. During the planning and drafting process for the Verpackungsgesetz (Packaging Act), Gunda Rachut was responsible for establishing the Stiftung Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister (Central Agency Packaging Register – ZSVR) as Project Lead. In 2017, she was appointed Chair of the newly founded ZSVR.