ZSVR publishes 2020 edition of the 'system participation requirement catalogue' administrative regulation


An updated and enhanced version of the system participation requirement catalogue was published on our website on 27 October 2020.

This new version reflects changes to the content and editorial amendments that have been implemented following the catalogue's annual review. The new 2020 edition comprises 37 product groups with more than 470 individual products. The wording of the explanatory texts on the definition sheets has been standardised and missing product descriptions have been inserted. Furthermore, 29 products have been added. The ZSVR database with its search function includes all updates to this administrative regulation. Click here to search the catalogue.


It is important that the catalogue be used with the corresponding guideline. The guideline explains the background to the catalogue, as well as how to use it. Detailed information about practical application is also provided. Click here for the guideline.