System participation requirement – yes or no?

Want to quickly check whether your packaging is subject to system participation under the Verpackungsgesetz (Packaging Act)? The following questions and answers will guide you. This quick check to determine the system participation requirement cannot cover all conceivable situations. That is why you should clarify your potential obligations by reviewing the information on our website, or by contacting a consultancy services provider if you are unsure.

If you are placing several different types of packaging on the German market, or using different distribution channels, you will have to carry out a quick check for each separately – e.g. once for shipment, once for retail and/or grouped packaging, etc.
This quick check assumes that you are placing packaging filled with goods on the German market. This also includes any cases in which you commission another party on your behalf to place packaging filled with goods on the German market. 

Please note:

The quick check does not cover 

  • cases involving fulfilment service providers and drop shipping (for information about fulfilment and drop shipping, please click here), 
  • transport packaging and 
  • packaging for hazardous contents.

Click on the 'What does this mean?' button for further information.

Current information:
There has been a registration requirement for producers of all types of packaging filled with goods since 1 July 2022. As from this date, packaged goods may only be distributed in Germany if their producers have met this registration requirement. Companies under obligation must enter the details about the packaging types, including the respective brand names, when registering with the LUCID Packaging Register. Further information can be found in our 'Extended registration requirement' knowledge base.