Who is registered with the LUCID Packaging Register? A public register of producers ensures transparency


Do you want to know whether a specific company has registered with the LUCID Packaging Register? The Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister (Central Agency Packaging Register – ZSVR) runs the public register of producers, which will help you find out. In accordance with its statutory mandate, the ZSVR publishes the registered companies and the information stipulated in the Verpackungsgesetz (Packaging Act), such as brand names and registration number.

The LUCID Packaging Register is public, thus showing clearly which parties are fulfilling their producer responsibility; it makes violations apparent by providing for transparency. The public register of producers includes all producers and initial distributors of packaged goods registered with the LUCID Packaging Register. This enables consumers, companies and distributors to search for companies subject to packaging law obligations and determine if they are registered with the LUCID Packaging Register.

Pursuant to section 9 VerpackG, the ZSVR publishes the following information in this register of producers:

  • Registration number 
  • Registration date (reports of any changes will contain the date on which changes were reported)
  • Name, address and contact details (in particular postcode and town/city, street address, country, telephone number)
  • European or national taxpayer reference number
  • Brand names
  • Types of packaging

The public register of producers has a search function, enabling you to search for a specific company. The market exit date is displayed for producers who have terminated their registration. 

Every company that is the first to place packaged goods on the German market has to register with the LUCID Packaging Register, irrespective of the packaging type. Failing to register attracts an automatic distribution ban for the goods in question. Additionally, severe fines may be imposed. Because of the public nature of the register, any company that does not comply with the law must expect to face the delisting of their products from trading. Click here to see the register of producers: